Tobias Ruano

Tobias Ruano

Student - Developer

I'm a 23 years old developer, currently studying Informatics engineering. In my free time I like to watch Movies & TV shows, hang out with friends and play sports. Currently I'm passionate about iOS development, but since I’ve started coding I’ve used many languages and technologies such as: Swift, C, Java, Javascript, React, HTML, CSS.

I've also started to write posts on Medium in which I will talk about stuff I'm learning and give tips on basic Swift/iOS stuff. Go and take a look!

Check out my CV.

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Caffeine Tracker

Keep track of your caffeine consumption

Caffeine Tracker, as the name suggest, is a tracking app for your caffeine intake. I decided to built it, because all the others in the App Store are either dificult to use or have a horrible UI/UX. While its no longer on the App Store, during its time it got daily downloads and is the one I'm most proud of.


Swift, HealthKit, StoreKit, CocoaPods, Dark Mode.

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Activity Score

Rate your day

This app uses the health data stored on your iPhone. Based on your activity it calculates a number ranging from 0 to 100. The more active you are, the closer the number will be to 100.


Swift, HealthKit, StoreKit, Admob, Charts, CocoaPods.